Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Hayloft at Port Royal Spring Barn Sale

The Spring Barn Sale is fast approaching May 16- 18th.  I am  really excited about the sale coming up with 40 plus vendors.  We will have the Barnside Cafe again and live music daily.  So I hope you are planning on coming out and having a wonderful time. It will be better than last year if you can imagine that.  First Choice Shopping will be on Thursday night from 4:30~7:30 pm and yes you can purchase items that night. You can purchase tickets online at or you can purchase at the door. $10.00

Then regular hours are May 17th from 10 to 6 and May 18th from 10 to 5 pm. $2.00 admission
Barnside Cafe and music daily

I will be posting vendor info in the next several day.  You can also follow The Hayloft on facebook

I hope you will come out and enjoy the barn sale this time.  I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and chatting. I want you to enjoy the whole experience.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Barn Sales

I know I have been so busy working on the sale that I have not been on my blog.  Almost two weeks ago on the 28th of September.  Vonell and I headed out early to Bella Rustica.  It was on the Milky Way Farm near Pulaski, TN.  Beautiful setting and barns mixed with some very talented vendors.  So excited to see some of my vendors and how great their booths looked.  It was all for a wonderful cause and hope everyone had a successful sale.

Now on to THE HAYLOFT--- I am beyond excited with the vendors we will have.  It is so exciting for the shoppers. Can't wait for you to be blown away I hope.  I have truly filled the barn with vendors.
The list for the The Hayloft is GREAT! TraChic (Tracey Anderson Collins), The Strawberry Patch (Christy Stone), Me and My Canvas, Kim's Collectables and Treasures, Little Cowgirl, Three French Hens, Lost Petal Linens, Alicia Raney and Sara Rausch, Blackberry House, Urban Mercantile, Everyday Gourmet, Helen's Flowers Florist & Gift Shop, Owlette, The Vintage Tree, Cottage Rose Decor, Shabby Ever
 After, M&M Letter Art( Melanie Boisseau), Hodgepodge(Pagie Thomas King with Kendell Welsh), Christie Jones Ray, Under the Eaves, James Humphries, Merci(Phyllis Covington), Just Sew Sew, Betty Kay & Sheila, Brenda & Susan, The Painted Chair, LC & Martha, Artistic Works by Lu Jewelry(Elizabeth Vaughn), Beadiful Creations, Junky Monkey , Jan Kraseke, Deco Divas, 1723 furniture, decor & accessories, This n That Finds(Tricia Baker), Cats Carpetbags, Nerdy Birdy Cookie Co., and Vintaj by Dallysisters. Also items from Hen House Coop (Lisa & Craig Hentrich). The 2 Kates Elkton will be serving up some delicious lunch at the barn side cafe. Maybe a few surprises!!!  The Apollo Coffee Co will be on hand Thursday night, Friday afternoon and Saturday.

It has really grown beyond where I thought it would be this year.  The barn is looking great.  Got some barn quilt sighs for the doors .  The pattern is friendship and thought that was very approiate for the event.  I have truly been blessed by the friends I have met through doing this.  Fantastic people still are out there.  

So girls brush off your boots and get ready for some shopping with your friends.  You may want to come back on Friday or Saturday and have some lunch.  Michelle from The 2 Kates in Elkton will be on hand with some great lunch items.  You may have caught her on Talk of The Town sharing a recipe.  So hope to see you at THE HAYLOFT.

Good night and God Bless,


Friday, September 21, 2012

Filling The Barn

I have had a wonderful day today.  I spent the day with my daughter shopping for her birthday.  She had taken the day off and wanted to go to Nashville shopping for her birthday which is Sunday.  It is hard for me to believe she will be 26 years old.  Where does the time go?  Of course I was late picking her up this morning because I went to the barn to look with Knox to see if I could come up with any more booth spaces.  I am working on it!!!

I never dreamed I would have filled the barn for my sale but I HAVE!! I have 34 vendors for THE HAYLOFT BARN SALE!!! WHEW WHOOOO!!!!  I even have a vendor that might have to set up outside if I don't have anymore spaces under roof. so 35 vendors.  I can't wait for ya'll to come out and shop-what a selection for you to choose from.  So start saving up girls and plan on starting your christmas shopping early this year.  I think you will have a great time.  Thursday night will be sneak peak -Tim Daley will be playing for you while you shop and will have Red Top Bar-b-Que to eat. Should be a fun evening!! Then you can always come back on Friday or Saturday if you forgot something.

I am working on the floor plan now and hope to post next week with vendor names.  So I just had to share with everyone my wonderful news of filling the barn. 
Goodnight and have a blessed weekend!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale and a few notes

I know I have been bad about not writing on my blog and posting.  I have been busy trying to get everything ready at the barn.  I have worked on the lower part of the barn with putting a wall down the middle to separate the booths.  Made it with tobacco sticks.  Really like the way it looks.
Had a wonderful Labor Day weekend with my wonderful friends from Alabama who came up.  We had a wonderful visit and just really enjoyed catching up.  The sad part they lost their mother on Tuesday after they were here.  She was the most precious and gracious lady you would ever meet.  Full of life and the kindest person.  She will be missed but heaven got the best angel. So I made a short trip to Alabama to be with them for a couple of days.

Now I have been so excited about " The Strawberry Patch" Barn Sale.  It was everything I expected and more.  Christy does a fantantic job.  I took a good friend with me Vonell, Whitney(my daughter) and Jessica(my niece).  They loved it.  We went on Saturday and have a lovely day.  When we got there we decided we needed to eat right away.  Great food from the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cafe and Everyday Gourmet.  We all shopped at all the wonderful vendors Christy had putted together.  So if you didn't go you need to put it on your calendar for the spring sale that is the 4th weekend of April.  I think she really out did herself this time because everything about it was lovely.  When you drove up she had the cutest welcoming display
with a beautiful setting.
The location is a beautiful farm setting so you know I like that.

The sale was full of vintage finds, repurposed items and art.  So you need to put it on your calendar for next year. Get you girlfriends together and plan a  day of fun and shopping.  Well worth the trip.We all left with a few purchases and a great time together.

So now I will begin to finish my work on The Hayloft Barn Sale and hope you put it your calendar to come.  I have really gone beyond my expectations for my first sale.  Excited does not even begin to describe my excitement.  I cannot wait and my thanks again to Christy for helping me.  I hope you plan to attend and find you something special from all these great vendors that work so hard.  I will post a listing of the vendors in the coming weeks.  Thanks ya'll and hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Great Day!!!!

I know I have been MIA., but I have been so busy.  I have been to Washington for 10 days and we had the Best trip.  The trip began in Seattle with a tour of underground Seattle. Quite interesting.
My husband has cousin's out in the area so we had the best tour guides.  Went to Snohomish, WA.,
Started the day with breakfast at The Maltby Cafe (cinnamon rolls as big as dinner plate).  Continued downtown to Ruffles and Rust Square to the cutest shop. Even ran into some ladies from a nearby time and I am thousands of miles from home.  Friday morning left and went down the Oregon coast to Gearhart, Oregon , Seaside to Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Beautiful day and drive.  Spent the night in Vancouver, WA with anticipation of the next day. The Barn House Barn Sale in Battle Ground.  It was more than I expected.  A line to get in when we arrived 1-1/2 hours early.  Probably 500 people in line when they opened.  Excitement!!!!  It was a wonderful show(will post pictures later).

Then off to Lake Chelan for 5 days.  I am telling you beautiful. We had a wonderful time and it never gets old going over to the lake. So relaxing and we had a wonderful trip.  When we went outside from getting our luggage I was ready to go back with the heat and humidity.  We had a lovely trip without rain.  Thanks to Kathy and Mike our tour guides.

Now to on the important issues-The Hayloft Barn Sale.  I have rented all my  in the upstairs and now I am working on the lower level.  Got started on the electricity, actually almost complete.

I am so excited about the line up of vendors I have gotten so far. Now to work on the lower level of vendors.  So get your shopping shoes on and get ready.
We have a great line- up and good food for all three days!!!!So hope to see you at the sale

I also have had a great day in Nashville today with a dear and wonderful friend. She had a stem cell transplant on July  19th and is doing remarkable. We had a girls day and I do admire her and love her dearly.  She has to be here 100 days so I pray for her daily.  She is blessed with lots of support and caregivers.  She is a blessing to us all.

So God Bless and I promise I want stay away so long.  I will start posting my vendors soon.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Warm Southern Day!

Another hot day is in the making.  I have tons of stuff to do and my youngest daughter is in a wedding tonight so the family will be off to Nashville this afternoon.  I am trying to get to the flea market in Guthrie, KY today to take a few things up to my booth.  I am also really getting excited about The Hayloft Barn Sale. This idea is not a original idea just a great location and barn for a wonderful marketplace of vendors.  Barn Sales are rising up across the country and not as much in the south. The first one I attended was by The Strawberry Patch(Christy Donoho) sale and she will be having hers in Sept. 6,7 & 8th in Hartsville, TN.  I will be there.   Junk enthusiasts love these sales and I don't really mean junk.  You see antiques, shop owners and items given a new life by being repurposed into great finds.  I am taking it up a level for you to come and shop to find these items in a great barn with a rustic theme.  Creating old with new and a fun atmosphere.  There will be beautiful handmade items, art, fashion jewelry along with the antiques, vintage  and some good food.  That sounds like a great girls day out to me!!!! 

This is a small dream of mine in the making and I want you to come and enjoy it with me.  So stay tune for my vendor list.  I have a few already Hodgepodge, The Strawberry Patch, The Collected Nest, TraChic(Tracey Anderson Collins), Three French Hens, Artistic Works by Luc -Elizabeth Vaughn, Cowgirl Bloomers, Merci, Under The Eaves, James Humphries, Tricia Baker and I know I forgot someone.  So if your interested in being a vendor please give me a call or email me.  So everyone remember Barn Sales are on the rise and I wasn't the first but I want to be one everyone wants to attend because of the experience.  I love planning this and the excitement just keeps building for me. I hope it is building for you.

There are alot of people that without their support I wouldn't be in the planning of the sale. So thanks go to Christy of the Strawberry Patch.  She is one of the sweetest young ladies I have met in a long time. Alot of people could take lessons from her. Dana Simons for her helping me design my blog and cards. All I can say is Thanks to Young LADIES with computer experience.  I am still in the learning stages.  This blogging is new to me.

Also thanks to my wonderful husband for his support and Bubba( James) a young man that has worked for us for almost  18 years.  I could not do this without them.  Now I am getting all teary eyed.   

So look forward to seeing you at THE HAYLOFT.
Have a great day and Stay COOL!!!!!