Friday, September 21, 2012

Filling The Barn

I have had a wonderful day today.  I spent the day with my daughter shopping for her birthday.  She had taken the day off and wanted to go to Nashville shopping for her birthday which is Sunday.  It is hard for me to believe she will be 26 years old.  Where does the time go?  Of course I was late picking her up this morning because I went to the barn to look with Knox to see if I could come up with any more booth spaces.  I am working on it!!!

I never dreamed I would have filled the barn for my sale but I HAVE!! I have 34 vendors for THE HAYLOFT BARN SALE!!! WHEW WHOOOO!!!!  I even have a vendor that might have to set up outside if I don't have anymore spaces under roof. so 35 vendors.  I can't wait for ya'll to come out and shop-what a selection for you to choose from.  So start saving up girls and plan on starting your christmas shopping early this year.  I think you will have a great time.  Thursday night will be sneak peak -Tim Daley will be playing for you while you shop and will have Red Top Bar-b-Que to eat. Should be a fun evening!! Then you can always come back on Friday or Saturday if you forgot something.

I am working on the floor plan now and hope to post next week with vendor names.  So I just had to share with everyone my wonderful news of filling the barn. 
Goodnight and have a blessed weekend!!

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  1. so glad I was able to come and see you yesterday. The place looks great! you are very creative AND energetic!