Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Warm Southern Day!

Another hot day is in the making.  I have tons of stuff to do and my youngest daughter is in a wedding tonight so the family will be off to Nashville this afternoon.  I am trying to get to the flea market in Guthrie, KY today to take a few things up to my booth.  I am also really getting excited about The Hayloft Barn Sale. This idea is not a original idea just a great location and barn for a wonderful marketplace of vendors.  Barn Sales are rising up across the country and not as much in the south. The first one I attended was by The Strawberry Patch(Christy Donoho) sale and she will be having hers in Sept. 6,7 & 8th in Hartsville, TN.  I will be there.   Junk enthusiasts love these sales and I don't really mean junk.  You see antiques, shop owners and items given a new life by being repurposed into great finds.  I am taking it up a level for you to come and shop to find these items in a great barn with a rustic theme.  Creating old with new and a fun atmosphere.  There will be beautiful handmade items, art, fashion jewelry along with the antiques, vintage  and some good food.  That sounds like a great girls day out to me!!!! 

This is a small dream of mine in the making and I want you to come and enjoy it with me.  So stay tune for my vendor list.  I have a few already Hodgepodge, The Strawberry Patch, The Collected Nest, TraChic(Tracey Anderson Collins), Three French Hens, Artistic Works by Luc -Elizabeth Vaughn, Cowgirl Bloomers, Merci, Under The Eaves, James Humphries, Tricia Baker and I know I forgot someone.  So if your interested in being a vendor please give me a call or email me.  So everyone remember Barn Sales are on the rise and I wasn't the first but I want to be one everyone wants to attend because of the experience.  I love planning this and the excitement just keeps building for me. I hope it is building for you.

There are alot of people that without their support I wouldn't be in the planning of the sale. So thanks go to Christy of the Strawberry Patch.  She is one of the sweetest young ladies I have met in a long time. Alot of people could take lessons from her. Dana Simons for her helping me design my blog and cards. All I can say is Thanks to Young LADIES with computer experience.  I am still in the learning stages.  This blogging is new to me.

Also thanks to my wonderful husband for his support and Bubba( James) a young man that has worked for us for almost  18 years.  I could not do this without them.  Now I am getting all teary eyed.   

So look forward to seeing you at THE HAYLOFT.
Have a great day and Stay COOL!!!!!

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