Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Great Day!!!!

I know I have been MIA., but I have been so busy.  I have been to Washington for 10 days and we had the Best trip.  The trip began in Seattle with a tour of underground Seattle. Quite interesting.
My husband has cousin's out in the area so we had the best tour guides.  Went to Snohomish, WA.,
Started the day with breakfast at The Maltby Cafe (cinnamon rolls as big as dinner plate).  Continued downtown to Ruffles and Rust Square to the cutest shop. Even ran into some ladies from a nearby time and I am thousands of miles from home.  Friday morning left and went down the Oregon coast to Gearhart, Oregon , Seaside to Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Beautiful day and drive.  Spent the night in Vancouver, WA with anticipation of the next day. The Barn House Barn Sale in Battle Ground.  It was more than I expected.  A line to get in when we arrived 1-1/2 hours early.  Probably 500 people in line when they opened.  Excitement!!!!  It was a wonderful show(will post pictures later).

Then off to Lake Chelan for 5 days.  I am telling you beautiful. We had a wonderful time and it never gets old going over to the lake. So relaxing and we had a wonderful trip.  When we went outside from getting our luggage I was ready to go back with the heat and humidity.  We had a lovely trip without rain.  Thanks to Kathy and Mike our tour guides.

Now to on the important issues-The Hayloft Barn Sale.  I have rented all my  in the upstairs and now I am working on the lower level.  Got started on the electricity, actually almost complete.

I am so excited about the line up of vendors I have gotten so far. Now to work on the lower level of vendors.  So get your shopping shoes on and get ready.
We have a great line- up and good food for all three days!!!!So hope to see you at the sale

I also have had a great day in Nashville today with a dear and wonderful friend. She had a stem cell transplant on July  19th and is doing remarkable. We had a girls day and I do admire her and love her dearly.  She has to be here 100 days so I pray for her daily.  She is blessed with lots of support and caregivers.  She is a blessing to us all.

So God Bless and I promise I want stay away so long.  I will start posting my vendors soon.

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