Saturday, June 23, 2012

Great Day!

Had a nice day today with my mother in law.  She doesn't really like to drive to Nashville and she wanted to go to some fabric places.  So this morning we headed out and went to the fabric places on Franklin Road. Then we hit the Fabric House on Sisco Drive.  Saw some great fabric and got  material for pillows.  Ms. Charlene ( We call her Nanny) is making some items for a booth at THe HaYLOfT Barn Sale. Nanny got some great ideas today.  She has been one of my biggest fans for this adventure I am beginning.  She is as excited as I am.  So I really appreciate her support!! We even had to stop at Hancock's before we came home.  It was a full day but delightful. 

So I have added a few more vendors today so things are moving along. 

We got that lovely multi-colored barn that sits out from  THe HaYLOfT painted black yesterday and it looks a hundred times better.  Then we are going to have the red on the other barn painted black.  So we are getting spit-shined up as the say.  Just all fluffed up for the big barn sale.

Well I am getting ready to call it night. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday.

Good Night!

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