Monday, May 28, 2012

Here I am older and supposedly wiser.  As this story begins back in February I went to the Vintage Marketplace show in Nashville with my daughter, Whitney and a good friend Vonell(also my junking buddy). The show was part of the antique event being held at Opryland and Hendersonville Expo Center.  There were some really great vendors set up at the show.  I already knew one of the vendors, Paige King from Hodgepodge, a shop in downtown Clarksville  that was showing the annie sloan chalk paint with a girl from Nashville.  I love her shop and it always such a pleasure to go in and shop for myself or a gift.
Then I ran across another booth that caught my attention, the strawberry patch.  I had picked up her card and held onto it for months.  On Christy Donoho's card she had a barn sale for April and then a fall sale listed.   So after months of anticipation of the barn sale the last weekend of April rolled around.  It seemed like everyday I had something more important calling my name.  So on Saturday morning I told Knox I really wanted to go to the barn sale in Hartsville, TN.  He said where, I told him I could find it with my trusty gps and would be find.  He told me he would ride with me and I thought this is not going to be good. ( laughing I might not get to junk as much)   So off we go and we had a great day.  I think he was as impressed as I was with the Barn Sale and by Christy's vendors.  So we not taking junk but creative vendors who have painted, recycled and very talented girls.    So if you get the chance the last weekend of April and the second weekend in September head to the strawberry patch barn sale in Hartsville, TN.   I even found some treasures!!

So this got my wheels turning thinking I could do this.  We have a barn sitting empty with a great hayloft that could be used for a barn sale.  I started talking to Knox and this is the beginning of working on a barn sale in Clarksville, TN.  So I am beginning to look for vendors and setting a date for our first Barn Sale in the Hayloft at Port Royal.  I have talked about it to a few of my friends and they think it is a great idea.  So with the support of my best friend I am getting the barn ready.  It was owned by some amish so we didn't have electricity.  So check that off the list and we getting ready.  So stay tune for the date to put on your calendar.  I have already met so many wonderful ladies and Christy is one of them.. She has been so helpful and so pleasant to talk with me.  So helpful!!!!!!!!

I am getting so excited and stay tune!!!!

Also I am new to this blogging.

Hope you have a great memorial day and thanks to the troops and may we always remember the sacrifice our men and women have made that we might have our freedom! 



  1. I am an old blogger...I have a booth at the flea market...and this is so exciting!!!
    Count me in!
    Click on my name to go to my blog :)

    1. Thanks I will keep you posted on the fall date.